Why Should I Advertise My Website

Getting traffic to website is the core of how a website works. Without website visitors there is no one to view your website, let alone your product or service. In some cases new websites are able to generate traffic easily based on their keyword usage, search engine optimization, and the popularity of the brand that he represents. On the other hand There are extremely well put together websites that are unable to gain any sort of organic traffic.

There are two types of traffic that your website can receive. Organic traffic which happens without any intervention and then there is paid traffic where you would pay for advertising of your website to get traffic. In a perfect world every website would flourish from organic traffic and the target market would just stumble upon the website and be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately that is not so much the case. Generating organic traffic sometimes can take more work than the dollar value of obtaining paid traffic.

many people assume that because they have a website it should be getting traffic the best example of a Website and Website traffic is if you were to open a water park in the middle of the desert. You guys win millions or even billions of dollars making sure that this waterpark is state of the art. The only downside is no one ever goes down that road. So here is a massive water park in the middle of the desert which is a much-needed service but no one can find it because they have no idea it even exist. This may be where your website is currently. No one knows it exist. This is not the end of the world it’s simply the start of a new campaign to inform people about your website.

Paid advertising has its benefits over organic traffic in the sense that you can control who sees it And you can learn more about your target market once they land on your website.