Tips on how to select a domain name for your website

Selecting a domain name is important because it is the URL that potential customers will use to reach your product or service online. It’s an extension of your brand. In some cases you may not even be able to get a domain name that is exactly matching your desired brand-name. In this article you will learn how to select a domain name that will help you achieve your online goals even if it’s not the exact one you wanted.

Short domain names are good domain names.

You don’t have to study psychology to understand that people don’t have a very long attention span. There are too many things in the world to remember and many competitors attempting to dominate the space that you are in or going into.

Choosing a domain name that is short makes it easy for your name to transfer by word-of-mouth and to increase its ability to create space in your target markets mental cavity.

How do you spell that again?

How are you spell your domain name is just as important as what your domain name actually is. When choosing a domain name you do not want to stray too far from actual phonetic spelling’s. A good way to test if your domain name is echo worthy is to say it to someone and see how many times it takes for them to actually get it.

Set your brand apart even if it seems the same.

It is not unusual for another business to have a brand similar to the one that you have or are starting. It’s also not uncommon for another business to have the domain name that you originally wanted. When this occurs it is always best to append something that makes your business unique to the domain name that you originally wanted. This can be anything such as a state, region, country, name, or any other unique attribute that makes your way of naming your website unique.


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