The Crumblepaper Affiliate Program

Before we begin telling you about how awesome we have set up our affiliate program to be let's share some statistics on the products and services that we sell. It is estimated that everyday slightly more than 547,200 websites are created. Statistics don't tell us whether these websites are made by humans or by automated methods. However even if we take that number and divided in half just to make a safe assumption that still over 250,000 opportunities every day.

This is where you come in. Referring new customers to Crumblepaper is the lifeblood of our service. Each time we invite a new client into the network and host their website we are generating revenue. What makes revenue from digital service based services and subscription-based products is that you can earn it from anywhere in the world and it's almost guaranteed to recur. Since our customer base are business owners more than likely they will use our product or service for the lifetime of their business.

Now for your part

As a Crumblepaper affiliate your mission is to refer customers interested in our services such such as:

  • Domain names
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • DIY Website Building
  • Custom Website Building
  • Marketing Materials
  • Logos
  • Maintenance


How Much Can I Earn?

Each affiliate earns a 30% commission on all sales and referrals. Commissions on subscriptions are recurring for the life of the customer. This means that each month you receive the commission. Here are a few breakdown scenarios so that you can calculate how much you could possibly earn and select your favorite product to sell.

Product: Email Hosting

Price: $5.99/mo.

Monthly Commision per email sold: $1.80

Product: Web Hosting

Price: $6.99/mo.

Monthly Commision per email sold: $2.10

Product: Custom Website

Price: $99.99/one time.

One Time Commission: $30