How to Customize the WordPress Login Page

Customizing your login page for WordPress is an easy task with the power of plugins. The most basic plugin will allow you to change the logo, background, and some of the colors. In this article we will share our preferred plugin to customize the WordPress login page. We chose this plugin because our customized login page is responsive, the logo is easy to control, and we're able to combine it with other plugins that can change the URL structure of our login page.

The default WordPress login logo is the WordPress logo, and when it is clicked it redirects users to the WordPress website. When we customize our WordPress login page, we will change the logo image and set the redirect URL to a URL of our choice.

Customizing the WordPress Login Pages Background

The original WordPress login page has a white background. This white background may not fit your design needs and you may want to change its color or add an image as the background.

Customizing the WordPress