Why Facebook?

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a powerful platform to market on because it has so much data about the people using the platform. This data allows you to filter who your ads are shown to.

You Pick the Target

Facebook ads allow you to choose the people your ad will be seen by.

You Pick the Location

Control the footprint of your ad by zip codes, cities, and states.

You Pick the Time

Run your ad 24/7 or during business hours or whenever it makes sense to you. 

Learn from Data

With advertising you can learn which portion of your target is more interested.

Run Multiple Ads

You can run multiple ads at once across multiple targets or locations.

Have Multiple Offers

Tier your offers based on the demographics of your customer base.

Learn About Our Process

How Marketing Works

If you're new to marketing, you may have the idea that if you put an ad up people will just come to it. When it comes to marketing there are many factors that play into how your ad performs.
1. Target
2. Goal
3. Budget
4. Results
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Target Market

The target market will be the people that we want to sell your product or service to. Understanding the patterns of their lives and what interests them will determine how the ad is presented, the call to action, and what to expect with each engagement.

What We Want the Customer to Do

The goal of the ad will determine some aspects of the ad. If the goal of the ad is to get the customer to call, message, signup, etc. then we'll implement the desired action into the advertisements call to action.

How Much Marketing Can Be Done?

The budget is the greatest controlling factor for how many people will see the ad and how much data we can collect from target maket engagements. The budget also controls how competitive the strategy for showing ads can be versus competitors targeting the same potential customers.

The Average Performance

The average $5 per day Facebook campaign can reach hundreds or thousands of people however, if these people are not the ideal target market or not interested in the product or service it is only an impression.

Marketing Costs

Facebook Marketing Pricing

We provide professional Facebook marketing services at competitive rates to meet your marketing goals. 
$35 in Facebook Ads
Includes 3 Custom Ads
Two Monitors per Day
Two Optimization per Day
$13599 /WK
$70 in Facebook Ads
Includes 3 Custom Ads
Two Monitors per Day
Two Optimization per Day
$17099 /WK
$105 in Facebook Ads
Includes 3 Custom Ads
Two Monitors per Day
Two Optimization per Day
$$20599 /WK
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