How to Customize the WordPress Login Page

Customizing your login page for WordPress is an easy task with the power of plugins. The most basic plugin will allow you to change the logo, background, and some of the colors. In this article we will share our preferred plugin to customize the WordPress login page. We chose this plugin because our customized login page is responsive, the logo is easy to control, and we're able to combine it with other plugins that can change the URL structure of our login page.

The default WordPress login logo is the WordPress logo, and when it is clicked it redirects users to the WordPress website. When we customize our WordPress login page, we will change the logo image and set the redirect URL to a URL of our choice.

Customizing the WordPress Login Pages Background

The original WordPress login page has a white background. This white background may not fit your design needs and you may want to change its color or add an image as the background.

Customizing the WordPress

How to Create a New Email Address

Logging In

In this article you will learn how to create your own e-mail address period. To begin following these instructions, you will need to navigate to the Crumblepaper Inc. server. You can navigate to the server by clicking the link here

When you get to the Crumblepaper Inc. server login page, you will need to log in using Your server credentials. If you do not Your server credentials you can click the reset password link to receive a new password.

Navigate to Email

Now that you are logged in to the server, you will want to select the mail option from the menu.

Create the Email

On the next screen You will see your mail server options. You will want to click on create e-mail address.

The amount of e-mail addresses you can create is limited to the amount that you have purchased on your account

Configure the Email

We'll start by going through each of the individual settings to configure your new e-mail address.

  • Email Address (the name you want for your inbox)
  • Can be used to login to Plesk (determines if you can use this new email to login to the server)
  • External Email (Backup to reset password)
  • Password (Choose a secure password to keep bots from guessing)
  • Mailbox Size (How much space this email has, most emails already have their set limits)
  • Maximum Messages (Restrict how many emails can be sent, its set to unlimited)
  • Description (Used to help you organize the email from other email you may have)

Once you have completed the configurations press OK.

Getting Your Setup Info

Your new e-mail address allows you to log in to your email from mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops.

You can click on the information icon to review settings for auto setup and manual setup.


The configuration for desktop is the simplest. All you need to do is open your email application and login. It will automatically setup on login.


The configuration for mobile can be a little difficult. All you need to do is take a photo of the QR code and it will setup the device automatically.

If you have issues with automatic methods, the manual method should be used.


The manual configuration is the most difficult. It requires that you setup each individual section of the connection.

The instructions for the manual setup will include:

  • Incoming Server
  • Outgoing Server
  • Mail server username (email)
  • Ports required

How to Add Products to WooCommerce

In this article you'll learn how to add your own products to WooCommerce. To get started you will need to login to your WordPress dashboard by typing in your domain name followed by /wp-admin.

Method One:

In the top bar menu of the WordPress administrator's dashboard, you can click on the button. This will show you a drop down of options. In the drop down click on the Product link and it will navigate you to the create a product screen.

Method Two:

The second method is to click on the products link from the sidebar menu. Select from the menu and it will navigate you to the create a product screen. The sidebar menu may not be visible immediately on mobile devices and may require that you open the menu using the mobile menu icon.

Creating a New Product

Now that we have navigated to the page to create a new product its time to fill in the information about your product.

Make Accepting Donations Easier with a Website.

Nonprofit organizations are fueled by the donation from their supporters. Making it easier for them to support the cause should be the number one priority for any organization seeking to thrive.

Our company provides a quick, secure and custom solution for non profit organizations looking to make it easier to accept donations to empowerr their cause. Our solution allows you to accept donations in multiple currencies across the world through the World Wide Web. This allows your organization to share important information to current and potential donors through a URL or a QR code.

tracking donors donations is a major aspect pdf managing a nonprofit organization. Our system allows each of yours donors to sign up as members and it also allows them to track their giving from their very own organization panel.

We value nonprofit organization and wouldn’t want to lock your organization into a contract or our platform. The solution we op provide is built on pensive WordPress and that means that if for any reason you want to move your platform to another provider put host it yourself can have an original copy work just a few clicks.

Your organization Web donation portal would be fluid and work like a modern application on all devices.

Contact us today to share the needs of your nonprofit organization and learn how we can help your organization thrive online.

Why domain names are important

Domain names are an important part of the internet because they simplify how we find things on the world wide web. Without domain names we would be using numerical addresses to identify the digital spaces we wanted to go to. Domains are just as important to a website owner as they are to a website visitor. A website owner wants their visitors to be able to easily find and share their website with other people. On the other hand website visitors want to engage with websites that are easy to use and easy to remember.

What you choose to be your domain name is extremely important. It will affect how your potential customers remember, share, and find you on the internet. It's easy to get overwhelmed watching that blinking cursor determine the name of your website. There are a few simple steps to registering the perfect domain name for your project.

The first step in registering a good domain name is to ensure that it properly fits the business or company that it represents. As you begin searching for domain names you will become aware that many domain names are unavailable. This doesn't mean that you still can't find the perfect domain name. It means you may have to become a little bit more creative, without making your domain name complex.

Let's begin with an example company. Josh has a wood Workshop. He wants to register the name To his surprise he's not the only Josh interested in wood shop work. Since his initial domain name is not available there are other options for him to choose that are still useful for his use case. He could try different variations of his desired domain name such as: joshswoodshopof[town].com | |

What Makes Us a Great Web Host?

A good web host is determined by the amount of technology it has at its disposal as well as the technical assistance it has on hand to repair or fix issues related to the hosting service. What makes Crumblepaper a great web host is that it's built on the backbone of time-tested and established cloud providers. This allows us to offer the full service list for our customers such as:

Why Should I Advertise My Website

Getting traffic to website is the core of how a website works. Without website visitors there is no one to view your website, let alone your product or service. In some cases new websites are able to generate traffic easily based on their keyword usage, search engine optimization, and the popularity of the brand that he represents. On the other hand There are extremely well put together websites that are unable to gain any sort of organic traffic.

There are two types of traffic that your website can receive. Organic traffic which happens without any intervention and then there is paid traffic where you would pay for advertising of your website to get traffic. In a perfect world every website would flourish from organic traffic and the target market would just stumble upon the website and be able to enjoy it. Unfortunately that is not so much the case. Generating organic traffic sometimes can take more work than the dollar value of obtaining paid traffic.

many people assume that because they have a website it should be getting traffic the best example of a Website and Website traffic is if you were to open a water park in the middle of the desert. You guys win millions or even billions of dollars making sure that this waterpark is state of the art. The only downside is no one ever goes down that road. So here is a massive water park in the middle of the desert which is a much-needed service but no one can find it because they have no idea it even exist. This may be where your website is currently. No one knows it exist. This is not the end of the world it’s simply the start of a new campaign to inform people about your website.

Paid advertising has its benefits over organic traffic in the sense that you can control who sees it And you can learn more about your target market once they land on your website.

How to Start Selling Items Online

Do you have a product that you want to sell online and our platform makes it easy for you to create, manage, market, and sync products to social media easily. What makes our e-commerce solution a great fit for just about anyone is that we do not charge for additional features.

We all know that customers are the lifeblood of any business. Our e-commerce solution allows you to not only organize your customers data, such as projects, and invoices but also utilize their contact data for your very own newsletter. This newsletter feature allows you to categorize your customers with an infinite amount of control to ensure that your newsletters reach your desired customer at just the right time.

selling products online is all about conversion. Conversion is a measurement at which you are able to turn your website traffic into actual sales. You can use our e-commerce website package to implement your very own call to action strategy. With this you can sit last minute pop-ups, Do sales alerts, or even make one last offered to customers leaving your website.

Out of the box our platform allows you to accept payments from a wide variety of processors. This is great for sellers who have a larger than normal customer base. You can except payments in just about any format including cryptocurrencies. This makes our platform extremely versatile to improve your ability of taking advantage of any opportunity to increase sales that comes your way.

How to hire a web designer to build my website.

It’s the digital age and every business that wants to be competitive has a website. If your business does not have a website it’s still not too late. With our custom website service you can ensure that you are getting the best price possible for the highest quality work. In our creation process we use open source software so that we can competitively priced our service well below our competitors.

To get started on creating your website all you need to do is click the Facebook messenger icon at the bottom of the page. A website creator will respond to you. Once we have confirmed that we are a good fit for your project we will invite you to our project section. In this project section it will outline the details of your project such as expectations, deadlines, and tasks.

Before we create a website we like to ensure that we understand your goals, your business, and that we are able to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this we have implemented a project section on our website to organize tasks, content, and project related information. This allows you and your website builder to always be on the same page during the process. It also helps your website creator delegate task to you to ensure that you are able to remember the information that’s needed from you.

Each project that we create is backed by our website completion guarantee.

The Crumblepaper Affiliate Program

Before we begin telling you about how awesome we have set up our affiliate program to be let's share some statistics on the products and services that we sell. It is estimated that everyday slightly more than 547,200 websites are created. Statistics don't tell us whether these websites are made by humans or by automated methods. However even if we take that number and divided in half just to make a safe assumption that still over 250,000 opportunities every day.

This is where you come in. Referring new customers to Crumblepaper is the lifeblood of our service. Each time we invite a new client into the network and host their website we are generating revenue. What makes revenue from digital service based services and subscription-based products is that you can earn it from anywhere in the world and it's almost guaranteed to recur. Since our customer base are business owners more than likely they will use our product or service for the lifetime of their business.

Now for your part

As a Crumblepaper affiliate your mission is to refer customers interested in our services such such as:


How Much Can I Earn?

Each affiliate earns a 30% commission on all sales and referrals. Commissions on subscriptions are recurring for the life of the customer. This means that each month you receive the commission. Here are a few breakdown scenarios so that you can calculate how much you could possibly earn and select your favorite product to sell.

Product: Email Hosting

Price: $5.99/mo.

Monthly Commision per email sold: $1.80

Product: Web Hosting

Price: $6.99/mo.

Monthly Commision per email sold: $2.10

Product: Custom Website

Price: $99.99/one time.

One Time Commission: $30