Make Accepting Donations Easier with a Website.

Nonprofit organizations are fueled by the donation from their supporters. Making it easier for them to support the cause should be the number one priority for any organization seeking to thrive.

Our company provides a quick, secure and custom solution for non profit organizations looking to make it easier to accept donations to empowerr their cause. Our solution allows you to accept donations in multiple currencies across the world through the World Wide Web. This allows your organization to share important information to current and potential donors through a URL or a QR code.

tracking donors donations is a major aspect pdf managing a nonprofit organization. Our system allows each of yours donors to sign up as members and it also allows them to track their giving from their very own organization panel.

We value nonprofit organization and wouldn’t want to lock your organization into a contract or our platform. The solution we op provide is built on pensive WordPress and that means that if for any reason you want to move your platform to another provider put host it yourself can have an original copy work just a few clicks.

Your organization Web donation portal would be fluid and work like a modern application on all devices.

Contact us today to share the needs of your nonprofit organization and learn how we can help your organization thrive online.